Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back in action!

I've been away for the past few weeks, I mean months...
polishing the blinds in my apartment. that is what the unemployed do w/ their day. after a nice boot in the ass from many swiper fans (thank you, thank you), I have made my tags and added swiping to my daily duties which also happen to include: counting import cars driving by my front window, scaring the pigeons off of my balcony, catching up on The Price Is Right, mastering the art of burning grilled cheese in the oven and playing w/ fake animals. my tags are done. they are ready for you. hit me up and I will chuck some your way. while my father would be telling me to get a job... my mother would be encouraging me to go out and make new friends. and so... let the swiping... resume! NEXT!!!


  1. they look like condoms in this context. I like.

  2. It may be best to avoid legal issues of having those stickers put on bikes. wheter good or bad if the bike gets stolen they can look in your direction for the blame.

    Its not your fault duh but placing targets on bikes cant be a good thing